A Bitter Foretaste

I met a very unique man of God. who told me the LORD asked him to be selling pure water in the market. So he arrived at Ketu market, Lagos and started doing exactly what the LORD commanded him. Later, he went on to sell more pure water at Ajah market in Lagos also. He suffered everything you can imagine but he obeyed.

There was a shop where he would normally stop over to rest because the shop owner was friendly. He would encourage him to press on, to study deeper (he loves reading); someday, he would succeed in life (whatever that meant)

Eventually, while doing what he was commanded to do, he met an American woman who later married him (I supposed because of his uncommon obedience to God). After the wedding, having all the documents to stay and live in America, he is still here in Nigeria, doing the will of the LORD who sent him.

While narrating his story, the man who used to encourage him at the market sighted him and screamed: “You made it”. He had to introduce himself for this man of God to remember this man. From nowhere, God decided to remind this minister where his journey with Him began. He said to me that he is no longer selling water now, God has indeed blessed him. I corrected him and said you are still doing the same thing Sir. “Sir, now you are in the business of the Living Water that flows unto everlasting life.”

Why write this long story…?
Everything that the LORD commands us to do, no matter how ‘stupid’ it may seem, is a preparation for the ultimate person we are to be. I beg you, in the name of the LORD, please do not despise the command of the LORD…Obey them, your very life depends on it!

I testify these things are true. Similar situations have played out in my life also. God is the Master Planner. All things are sorted in Him.

Please obey the LORD, it’s for your own good.