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30 is the year of maturity, it’s the milestone for being ready to be who God has designed you to be. Before that year, everything is preparation…

40 is the year of manifestations. The fullness of time for the manifestation of that which you have first become, to be made visible by what is to be done. After it, there is the full display of what God has been brewing in you for years. Yes God’s eternal purposes take quality time to brew!

In between these two years, every fault in foundations of faith, family, futures and finances would be evident; they would come at you to hinder or harness your walk and work. It is probably the period of the last chance to make edits to whatever may have been outside of God’s plan for lives.

But how can restorative adjustments be made without knowing and understanding what the original design of God really was? In the course of times and seasons, many details of life’s design from God may have become omitted due to peculiar and personal experiences, cultural shifts and changes as well as environmental challenges.

3040: OF THINGS OMITTED is an insight-filled resource for your restorative return to God’s original design; you can change your life for good by looking in the original design for restoration. If you just started your family and you have no clue on how to build right from the scratch, this book will help you too. Wherever you are in the mix, this book will help you clarify your life and way l; giving you practical steps on how to proceed to victory and success.

It’s coming OUT SOON, this December 2019 by God’s grace. But before then, I plan to share from it with a select group of people who would like to examine LIFE with me. If you are interested, please buzz me privately through DMs, e-mail and private messages for more details.

I look forward to reading from you.


“Until all the earth is filled with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the seas. Amen!”