Like every regular person,
We desire normal lives and expressions;
It just doesn’t seem like life hands that over to anyone without struggle…
So, like opium,
We feast on sizeable bits of the word of life;
We cannot endure sound teachings like we used to,
Who has time for exhaustive studies nowadays anyway…?

We want all that life can give,
We don’t want to give all that life can take,
So, we just get and get until we are full,
Yet, we still hunger for satisfaction and thirst for peace.

But, what kind of choices are we making?
Are we even thinking deeply about what we do?
Sudden ‘highs’ from abused Scriptures are no longer enough…
We need more and more.
We want to get higher than we already are,
It’s the feeling we want, not necessarily the faith.

So, our teachers are daily reinventing themselves,
Thriving in ambiguity, while the lights we have are daily becoming darkness…
Our fathers are lost,
Our futures are confused.
Yet, we seek answers we are not ready to accept.

If we must triumph:
We must ditch falsehood for freedom,
We must prefer truth over tyranny,
We must love the prize above the praise,
We must chose the pain of righteousness over the pleasure of sin…

These fixes won’t last,
They are like whitewashed sepulchres, stinking of decay;
It’s time to choose processes over interventions,
Today’s story is tomorrow’s history.

Peace to the righteous.