Day in Court

A couple of months back, an older friend of mine gave me a book to read titled: ‘Operating in the Courts of Heaven’. I read it with the most expectant heart, it was meant to give me a clue into the proceedings that go on in heaven before God, the judge of all. To be honest, I still haven’t finished reading the book, I was just tired….

A couple of days ago, I was in a physical court on earth for the first time in my life (never been there before 😄; I will settle my matter with anyone before I get dragged there 😄). While I was seated there for over 3 hours, the following were my observations:


I was shocked to find out that more than 10 cases were on the docket for the day…and everyone involved in all of the 10 were to be seated before the judge is seated, along with their counsels. There is no privacy! Everyone knows everything about every person’s case, as long as they are scheduled to be in court the same day.

The lesson for me is that when I am before God, He is not in a hurry to answer me because my matter is considered brief and my file before Him is not as bulky as someone else’s file. Both the righteous and the wicked are allowed to present themselves before God and each one gets their matters attended to when it’s their turn. So, if God answers you before you even call, if He pays attention to you speedily, do not take it for granted. He does not have to! He can allow you fast for 6 months first before responding to you.


Some people were back in court because the verdict to grant some relief to them was not honored. It was because the certificate of judgment did not spell out the details of what was sought and what was granted, AFTER JUDGMENT.

I learnt it is fruitless to just get judgment from God and not be in custody of the detailed evidence that your requests were granted. First, when you take things to God in prayers, until you hear from Him (Judgment) and receive the evidence that your request was granted (Written Evidence from His Word), your received relief may not be honored by those who need to. The world will not honor your claim; certainly, the devil and his kingdom will not release what is yours to you. They don’t respond to what was said alone (which is you confessing stuff) they respond to THE WORD – The Certificate of God’s Judgment, which spell the details of what God granted you. You better not be showing up without your Correct Certificate.


A Counsel argued in court for almost an hour on who should be heard first, his application or the defendant’s application. When it seemed there was no longer decorum, one of the counsel had to rely on the rules of the court to determine which must be heard first. He said the rule favours destructive applications being heard before constructive ones when there is conflict.

In the courtrooms of heaven too, there is order to things. Some matters are actually heard first before others. However, on the contrary, constructive applications are heard in heaven before destructive ones. Matters that promote the kingdom of God are heard before matters seeking to destroy…(ponder that for a while). So when next you are approaching God’s courtroom, you may want to leave the matter with your enemies to the last….speak to matters of eternal values first.


One Counsel argued for a very long time that the defense counsel is not competent enough to spar with him in the matter before the court because his signature was not accompanied by the right professional seal. The case could not continue and both parties have to get a ruling on that first before their case can progress to trial. The defense counsel said so much but could not speak to his credibility that is not supported by the papers filed in court.

I learnt that before you go before God asking what is rightfully yours or operating like you have the right to be in His presence, you had better be sure your credibility is ascertained. Are you a child of God? Are you led by His Holy Spirit? If you are not led by His Holy Spirit, I am sorry to tell you that your applications to the courtroom of heaven are not regarded as competent. What is to your credit will not be granted until your credibility is established. You may look the part, know the methods, understand the proceedings and all; but, without your right to operate in God’s courtroom, you are going to be shown the way out by the silence of heaven to you.

Summarily, so much of what goes on around us are typologies of the unseen. Learn from what you see. Be guided…

I am re-reading this book all over again.

Peace to you.