My Persuasion…


Each day I rise,
One thing is clearer than the day before,
Lives will become better because I live!

I have always understood my life to be a gift for a great purpose than mere ‘succeeding’…
It has always been a lease to establish truth that are hardly seen or valued…yet.
So, when sicknesses that should have taken me were kept away,
And death that should have killed me was kept at bay,
I knew and understood altogether that there is more to life than responding to a stereotype of being…

I have lost so much for the One I love,
I even ‘lost’ loved ones because of what God loves;
I count them all as loss,
They no longer matter anymore (they use to matter)…
Still, I rise daily to such unquenchable joy,
Knowing that everything that comes my way is working out a greater weight of glory (fulfillment of God’s word); the good, the bad and the ugly.
With peace that is unruffled, I stride through my uncharted territories, bringing praise and glory to my King and LORD.

I am the redeemed of the LORD,
His glory is my home,
His beauty is my cloth,
His presence is my world…

I am free from sin,
I am free from shame,
I am free to reign with Him,
Peace is mine.

IMAGE CREDIT: Oluwasegun Ayilara of Thrive Shuttle Initiatives.