Heaven’s Verdict

If anyone is still upright in this season, the posture in the world would tell;
If anyone is still righteous in present circumstances, the scale of resistance from the world would tell.
Now that it seems hopeless to pursue restoration and it seems foolish to faithfully stick to the Word,
God still speaks clearly!

The City may have refused to obey the voice of the LORD,
The Nations may continually refuse the corrections of the LORD;
The Language may reflect lost confidence in trusting the LORD, and
The People may no longer genuinely consider God a worthy King to be close to.
The Princes may be like roaring lions,
The Judges may be evening wolves, leaving no bone until morning,
The Prophets may be insolent and treacherous people, and
The Priests may have polluted the sanctuary.

Their violence to the law may have come to the fore,
God’s punishment may seem ‘not strong enough’ to stop their corrupt deeds;
Yet the LORD is not impotent or unwilling to help,
It’s just that indignant judgement must precede true restoration.

If you are still waiting on the LORD for a response in this season,
Be rest assured that He would come in the nick of time, He would not fail!
If you are earnestly yearning for His intervention while these troubles abound,
Prepare your house to stand what would come before the true change you seek.

Zephaniah 3 : 1-13