Comfort From Before Time

Every opportunity you have to be a vessel in God’s house is an investment that is coming back with a return to you. Whatever you do with it will matter more than you know. So, it is wise to make sure that you do your best because it is coming back to you in many folds.

Many years ago, I led a choir; though I was young and inexperienced, I shared all I knew of God with members of that choir and the congregation, most of whom were merely entertained by our songs. Several years later. I would find the songs I composed as very deep encouragement for me, especially when I could not find much from most people around me…when those who should chose criticism and judgment instead.

Like a prophecy, one of the songs said:
“Ota mi mase yo mi,
Ota mi mase gan mi,
Bi mo ba subu,
un o dide leekan si;
Bi mo ba wa ninu okunkun.
Oluwa, yo je imole mi,
B’ekun ba pe d’ale,
Ayo mbo l’owuro” (Micah 7:8)

19-20 years later, one of the members of the choir sang back another one to me (PICTURE ATTACHED)…It came at the most critical time when I need it most.

Believe me, your life now is a prophetic message to your future, as your past life is to your present. Walking with God now is non-negotiable. If you don’t, you may lack what you need sometime in the future where it will matter most.

Whatever you find yourself doing on behalf of God, no matter how unqualified, unaccepted or unrewarded it might seem…the harvest is coming back…in full! I sang composed and sang songs whose full weight and meaning I didn’t know or understand. I sang then because they were given me by the LORD; I would spend most nights in the church building, laying on the rug on the altar (behind the pastor’s seat) talking to God. He was all I had, He is still all I have. Now, they are comfort in meteorite proportions to me as they have been a blessing to those who sang with me.

It is in the best interest of all of us that you walk and work with God after you have met with Him. Believe me, you will soon find out He is all you’ve got!

Just in case you have unanswered questions like me…read Micah 7:1-20

Peace to you.