This Season

This was first written in 2015. I looked back at these four years, not much has changed in the scheme of things. We have a lot of work to do and those entrusted with these kingdom responsibilities must wake up from their sleep and slumber.

In the scheme of things, many things are never as they seem. The truth is already scarce! To speak the truth is to be labelled wrongly!

Why do we love lies and hate righteousness? Well, that is a question that will take eternity to answer…and when we find the answer, it would be too late to change anything!

What does change even mean? Re-inventing ourselves? Re-defining ourselves? It’s still same old wine, in new wineskins…these wineskins would ultimately be ruined because we are not bold enough to insist on new wineskins. Precious wine are already spilling away!

It’s ridiculous to think speaking truth to power will change anything…demonstration of power is what changes power.

As a preacher, I wonder why other preachers aren’t tired already! Don’t tell me I am lacking heavenly strength! Isn’t it obvious we are receiving God’s strength to perpetuate anti-kingdom agendas? The leadership of the church is not strong for the Kingdom of heaven, they are strong for their kingdoms that began as God’s Kingdom.

As a Teacher, I wonder if those who come to learning are really interested in learning! They seem to me as those seeking opportunities and their alliances are gate passes to their desired lands; even when they know not what to do with the land or it’s resources. Yet I teach.

As a businessman, doing business God’s way makes a lot of people uncomfortable. We mouth integrity, but we really don’t value it because it would reduce our profit margin. So, is it okay to pay unjust dues to hard-workers so that my offering and tithe can be more? Do Pastors even ask questions anymore? That flow of funds is how clergies guarantees ministries are running. It seemed God is unable to provide for His work anymore; so we must invent means to generate resources!

This is indeed the end-time! Nothing is ever as they seem. Ministry in mixed for relevance and a clear definition as ‘A Servant of the LORD’ don’t speak to much credibility.

God knows I am really tired, as everyone who is genuinely doing the right thing would be in this season. Preach, I must; Teach, I must; Business, I must….for necessity is laid upon me; but one thing is sure, strength is not for doing the work…that would be the easiest part because the Holy Spirit does His work in us…strength is for ‘staying true’ till the end.

Maranatha! Come LORD Jesus!