God and The Lowly

Thugs on the street and very ‘broke’ people have kept their words more than refined and buoyant folks. It seems for the former, all they have are their words, so it counts…

Well, ironically, they share this trait with God, who exalts His words above His name.

Who do you belong to?

Thugs on the street respond with very deep loyalty and kindness when valued by people who don’t consider themselves superior; even when they have better lives.

Well, God is also very loyal and kind to the humble and thoughtful.

Are you really loyal and kind to anyone besides yourself? Are you loyal and to the lowly or are these reserved for the privileged?

Perhaps it’s time to review
1. How God sees you,
2. How God sees people
3. How we see people
4. How we see life.

The best of people are the lowly ones that were exalted by God. They seem to positively connect easily with people.

Have you become a people’s judge?
Do you judge people instead of judging matters?
Can you separate yourself from a matter?
Are you really humble?
Are you submitted to God?
Are you really led by the Holy Spirit?
Are you God’s?

Please examine yourself.
Happy New Month and Merry Christmas in advance.