Is It Home?

Today, on my way out to church service, I had to walk past an untared portion of the way. I was so careful that I was almost doing a catwalk to be sure my shoes weren’t dusty before I get to show up before God (I can be very detailed like that)

However, on my way back from church, walking past the same road, I was not really bothered…afterall, I was going home. It would not matters, it’s home.

Then this thought crossed my heart and I thought to share with you…If we actually think of our journey back to God, after all of life, this way, we would really not be bothered about the damages we suffer along the way. It should not matter, it’s home we are returning to.

The insults from people should not matter, they would do better if they know better…

What we do not have should not matter, we are going home where all will be abundant…

Shame or the fear of it should not matter, the glory ahead outweighs it….

Nothing should matter. We are going home.

The real question to ask would be that is heaven really home? If it is, when threatened to leave the earth by perils, sicknesses or death, should we still be worried if we are going home?

Is heaven really your home? Are you seated in heavenly places with Christ, far above principality and powers? You should not be worried, if heaven is your home.