Dire Dreams

For a bit of perspective I have been in the business of helping people bring their ideas to life for about 22years. In these years, one thing has been so recurring, for me, to the point of despair. Each time I encounter one, I literally shut down. I have found too many people unable to walk into the fullness of their destiny because of SELF.

This major enemy springs up with different cloak but it is the same enemy. It comes as ‘My Thing,’ ‘My Own,’ ‘Self Interest’, and ‘My . . .’ [please fill in the gaps]. Because of personal Faith for things and Hope for Success, we are unable to LOVE genuinely and deeply.

A couple of weeks ago, a person I know walked away from a lifetime relationship because of what is not received/gained… Last week, a young lady walked away from an opportunity that could have transformed her life for good because of the fear of the unknown… Few minutes ago, a young man walked away from a major breakthrough, after a whole week of asking for God’s help and turnaround in prayers because he cannot see beyond himself. Why?! Why are we like this?! Why do we love our chains and disdain our helpers like this?!

I have come to this conclusion that if the love of God is not in anyone’s heart, he or she cannot see beyond himself or herself. All that such person would see in others are opportunities to explore and exploit, benefits to have, as well as dangers to avoid and be suspicious of. Otherwise, why would someone, who have the presence of the Most High God with him/her go out to work and not expect to meet with favour and goodness? Why would we be praying so much and the answers come in cloaks we cannot recognize, only to despise them? There is so much of conceit, faith and hope in pipe dreams that have no bearing on common good, but are merely personal fantasies to look and feel good.

I say this to you, until you are willing to receive help from whoever God sends to you, Saint or Sinner, Rich or Poor, Familiar or Unfamiliar, Nice or Cruel, as well as Near or Far, you may never appropriate all that is already done in and for you by God, for the purpose of His kingdom.

This is a call to a true change of heart. To let the love of God take root in our heart, just as hope and faith is conveniently growing there too. Love gives and gives again. It does not give to get, it gives to give again….this is the posture of a man/woman who God can trust to be a trustee of true riches. Let the love of God propel us to work what we do as Work and great would be our rewards, with things others are looking everywhere for as mere additions.

Open up to other people; everything that is of God is not a one-man show. It’s not all about you! It’s all about God and in Him others consist.