Diamond in the Rough

I entered a taxi in Ibadan today and this driver has the appearance of someone you would deacribe as ‘street’ – bruises and marks from old fight wounds…he is the stereotype of an ‘area boy’ he should not care about how anyone feels.

To my surprise, he has such warm personality that he responded to typical impatient and restless passengers with grace, such that even I can’t boast of…

I began to think about all that we hold as just and true. I wondered how much the Spirit of God in me has produced gentleness that supercedes that of a man like the type I just described.

Just like the last time the integrity I found among Union People at Ojota Car Park in Lagos amazed me, this one is another evidence that the pious is not necessarily righteous and the rough is not necessarily wicked.

Let each one examine themselves in God.