Trials in Transit

Exactly two years ago, I was on my way to Lagos to book a venue for our yearly HOPE Conference that normally happens in February each year. I did not plan to travel that morning…I just wanted to enjoy my holiday a little bit more; but I was lrompted in my spirit to travel to Lagos. There was a sense of urgency in my spirit. So, I got up, wore my jeans and jacket because it was as cold as it is today.

On the way to Lagos, this driver has filled his table water bottle with an alcohol spiced drink…it looked like water, we had no idea he was drinking something strong. He was speeding, his driving had a bit struggles in it, but I ignored the signs, cautioned him and slept off somewhere along the line.

I woke up to myself being flung in the air out of the car’s window. All I kept shouting was ‘I Live! I Live!! I Live!!!

The purpose of my post this morning is to delve into the matter with being faced with perils when on the LORD’s assignment. The first questions that come to mind are:
“Where is the God who sent me when the enemy attacks me on the way?”
“Would this God have been pleased if I disobey His command and stay put because of reasonable doubts?”
“Why can’t He just keep me from the troubles, why does He allow them, only for Him to save me from them?”

The presence of God with you will not eliminate danger! In fact, danger would increase around you because He is with you. Just as darkness does not disappear because light is present, it only receeds because of the Light; you will not be immune from the ‘valley of the shadow of death’; instead He will go through with you.

So, are you ready for the dangers that lurks in the dark, waiting for the moment when the light in and around you would flicker. Are you maintaining your light? Is your fellowship with God intact? Courting the presence of God requires a very high level of consecration, but it will not exonerate you from perils.

This year, go with the LORD in the midst of your trouble and turmoils. You won already because the battle is not yours, but the LORD.

Enjoy the new year in the new you.