Of Direction and Dreams

It is the luxury of the young to dream wildly. As age comes into the picture, people readily dream with caution, in understanding of reality.

The wild dreams of the young are needed for the future they would superintend over; yet the powers to exercise themselves towards it are not available to them except given by the older ones who raised them – these ones may not fancy dreams without direction.

I had a conversation with Mobolaji Ajani yesterday and there was this light-bulb moment about this key element of DIRECTION in all things: reading with direction, working with direction, doing with direction, all things with direction etc. It seems this is the forte of older people and younger people must depend on them for it.

However, the pivot of these words, this morning, is how much of direction do older generations have?

We have believed that being ‘educated’ means being enlightened until realities have proven that going through structured learning isn’t exactly being educated; at best many are literate and they can speak another culture’s language fluently. Not going to school don’t necessarily mean lack of education, my grandfather’s didn’t see the wall of schools but they accomplished greatness that many Ph.D holders are still dreaming of with less tools and technology.

So, to whom do we go for direction when the way is lost? Whose voice(s) can lead to light when darkness surrounds? Is it the loudest noise(s) or the whispering voice(s)? Should those who know the way raise their voices to noise levels so that they can be heard or should we corporately silence the confusing noises from loud ones so that gentle voices of reason and direction can be heard?

We must have light! Even when darkness remain (which is only for a while), we must hear right! Just in case older people around you have no light of direction in them or those who do are out of reach for you, reach for the light from within you – the presence of God within you. Indeed, these times are not for people without direction and by implication, they are not favourable to people without relationship with God.

Enjoy your first weekend 🙂