Shrouded Depths

There is a very hidden place in the hearts of men, only real experiences can reveal what is there. Until you permit those experiences to take place, however unsettled you are with them, you may never know these depths of people you associate with.

In present world, what is said is no longer enough to judge what the abundance of hearts are made of. If you square your judgements on what is spoken, your goings would become flawed. On the other hand actions may confuse you also, good people do bad things sometimes and bad people do good things sometimes…

In the midst of all these what then is the best measure of the content of hearts? Well, contents are best understood in contexts; so create AN EXPERIENCE and you will see the hearts of people played out before you like a movie…Act as if you are asleep or dead, you will be amazed how much you will discover about the people who surrounds you.

Here is my counsel if you seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom:
1. Understand why you seek these things. Keep it before you to remind you always otherwise, you will soon appropriate them for not-so-noble objectives.

2. Do not choreograph anything in life. Allow them to play out as they should. Do not try to avert anything, as long as it is not life-threatening or destiny-destroying. Do not leave things to chance but allow time and chance to happen to all things.

3. Forget about trying to prevent/protect anyone from his/her desires…you will become their enemy and their reason for desiring them will remain shrouded in secrecy. When you find out people’s desires, allow them to experience what they desire and you will understand them better. You will know and understand why they want what they want.

4. You will never know, understand or appropriate what you are not willing to experience. Humbly submit yourself to the experiences of life, it has a lot to teach you and everyone who will come to know you.


Peace to you.