2020 is a year of many battles. There will be no increase without a re-distribution of what already is and there will be no breakthrough without obstacles and hindrances to be removed.

You should be prepared because, if God is for you, you will find yourself in the very heart of battles and wars, many of which you didn’t do anything to deserve them.

There are battles that may have overwhelmed you in the past, but God is able to deliver from them, just call on Him. There are battles you will win with God if you culture the presence of God and abide in His presence. Much more than these two, there are battles that are too big for you to confront, even when you go at them with God on your side, you cannot win them…these ones can only be won by God. If you belong to God, you must understand that winning with God and winning by God are different.

When battles are too big for you to win, too great for you to confront and you don’t know what to do because it’s way beyond your scope and limitations, YOU DON’T NEED TO FIGHT. In such moment of despondency, bring God into your life with praises and thanksgiving and the rest would be history for the future to learn from. He fights for you and you hold your peace.

In 2020, don’t just win with God, please learn to win by God.