Stories and Truth


There is this elderly woman I am always cautioning not to insert herself in every matter that is being discussed. It just sounds somehow that it is hard to have a discussion with people these days without a reference to their own life and person…

Recently, I found myself evaluating certain things and unconsciously, I decided to put myself in the shoes of this elderly woman and many others like her. I found out that our narratives in life, what you would describe as each one’s story, is a summation of each one’s experiences. When someone has indeed minded his or her own business in life, they really don’t have many examples of others to give, except if their work involves prying into other people’s life. Their best story is their own story!

What I am trying to say is that our stories are in our experiences…it is therefore not wrong if people insert their story into someone else’s who is asking for counsel; afterall, that is their testimony, it is what they actually witnessed, not a tale they are bearing without authenticity.

However, the problem begins when the goal of the person telling his or her story is to make his or her own experiences the law, against or beside which no other version can stand.

What is your story? That is your testimony! It is the only authentic version from you. However, in sharing it, use it merely to provide possible perspectives, and not the proclamation of the law that must be obeyed.

There is so much to learn from your mistakes than your successes. So, share your story as authentic as it can be, but allow the seekers of counsel to process them as it works for them.

Above all, when you are able to put your story in perspective with the Word of God, you would be offering irrefutable truth that would totally set free.

Your story, Yes! Your lessons more!
Peace to you.