Working for God


One of the unique things about the Christian faith is that it is focused on the person of God than the practices of faith…with the LORD, the ‘walk’ is of more priority than the ‘work’ since the ‘work’ is an inevitable offshoot of the ‘walk’.If your understanding of worship to God is defined by what you do for Him something significant is wrong. We can’t even work for God, His works are already completed. At best, what we can do is to work with Him, in the manifestation of that which is already done.I affirm to you that Jehovah is more interested in these two before you even contemplate working with Him: getting to truly experience His person (Meeting with Him) and spending time with Him (Walking with Him). If you have not met with Him and you are not walking with Him, you cannot work with Him.Working for someone you haven’t met or walked with cannot be defined by unalloyed committment. You are only as committed as you get your entitlements. Think about it.Selah.