True Witness

Most people who ask questions are more interested in how the answers provide the benefits they need. Very few people actually ask questions about other people’s benefit. You can imagine how thrilled I was when a friend recently asked me why we are not winning souls that abide in the LORD. Another friend even wonders what is there to say to a prospective convert about Christ; he or she probably already heard all there is to say about Christ…

My response was simple: ONLY WITNESSES CAN WIN SOULS NOT TALE-BEARERS. The good news is indeed not merely the story of the Christ, it is the story of the Witness with Christ at the core of it.

Why did I say so? The minimum requirement to be saved is to BELIEVE – which is hugely dependent on empirical proofs that can be seen that truly Jesus is able to save a life and change it for good. FAITH, on the other hand, is not needed for salvation – it is based on the spoken word of God alone and it’s own evidence is not visible (Hebrews 11).

So, the prospective convert is in need of an evidence (visible, audible, interactive) that Christ can change lives. This evidence cannot be the story of another person (Another friend, a pastor, or mentor, a friend, a distant fellow…). It is your story! You that he/she can see!

The main question now is “Are the supposed witnesses a witness of Christ? Have they really experienced the authentic Christ or they are just storytellers?” The evidence that the life of anyone can be changed for good must be the life of the witness sharing the good news. Indeed, the good news is not just about Christ’s sacrifice and all, it is that the sacrifice is powerful enough to change a life and that the witness’ life is the proof of it.Is it possible this is the reason our evangelism is not effective?

Is it possible this is the reason people would rather remain the way they are than turn to the Christ we preach?
In the case of an unsaved person that is morally better than the supposed Saint, how is he or she going to be convinced this proposition is a better one?
Does the Holy Spirit have in us the evidence He requires to convict people of sin?

Have you evaluated your walk with God lately?
I suppose the beginning of this year/decade is a good time to do this.
Do people want to be like you, your weaknesses and struggles in life notwithstanding?
You know Christ wasn’t rich or branded somewhat…He was not described in Scriptures in the gallant robes of the accomplished. He eventually died on the cross like a criminal; yet, no one who encountered Him was ever thesame…

If Christ is too far away, Awolowo, in Western Nigeria was sent to prison for treason, but the people were singing his praises while away in prison. He returned to a grad reception. Those who encountered him were changed by him somewhat.

Let the Christ in you radiate so much that your weaknesses and failings are swallowed in the glory of Him. Let others see Jesus in you! Your own persona may have ‘buts’ in it.


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