The Rider and The Gatekeepers

When the one riding hard with a word from the King showed up on the horizon, the gatekeepers, who stand watch on the wall were alarmed by his speed and aggressive approach. They wondered what is so pressing that cannot wait to be delivered with calm? What they do not see is the danger that is lurking behind the bulwarks; among the trees of thick trees in the horizon was a dangerous army threading anything but softly…In it’s path was destruction and it’s intent was not peace.

But the gatekeepers are men and women of authority, they have earned their positions. A while ago, their judgment saved the city from peril; their discretion saved the people from troubles. Why would anyone debate their judgment and commitment? Unfortunately, their sharpness is becoming dull. There hadn’t been troubles in a while; the peace in the realm has been far-reaching. Indeed, many battles have been won before they even came to be because the rulers were wise and discerning; but this time, what was coming could not be mitigated through wisdom and discernment…it was evil trying to unseat righteousness. The battle was coming to the gates and the strategy to win this one must have been in place in times of peace.

But then, swords were drawn, bows were lifted and arrows were aimed. The one sent to warn was hunted down. Before his message icould be heard, he was shut down by familiar arrows. When he cried on top of his voice, the pains from the wounds regardless, hoping they would heed the warning and be saved from the coming catastrophe, they fired more arrows until his voice was neutralized.

If only they knew he was an ally, not a foe.
If only they gave him a chance to deliver his message, the realm would have been saved.
If only they knew his voice wasn’t his,
If only they looked closely, they would have seen the standard he bore.
On the scroll found on him was the seal of the King but now it is too late.

The righteous was slain,
The messenger was lost,
Before they could get over their folly, the devastating army was upon them.

Now the war has begun,
Old strategies are failing because this war is different.
The slain fellow was not a commoner, bearing a message,
He was a General with the message and the strategy.
The message was written and saved,
But the strategy and strength have been slain with the bearer of the message.
Now, there is utter confusion,
Armoury without arsenals,
Artillery without an articulated army.

This metaphor is unending..
These parables are endless.
The city of the LORD is under seige…
We have slained our prophets,
All we have left is the word of the King,
Our committed and ready people are in confusion from disoriented leadership,
Desperation is destroying us more than the destruction itself.

We must gather the best of our warriors and workers,
We must find a way to get them past the fierce army besieging us, to the King who sent the original warning.
We need the strategies,
We are incapable of crafting one by ourselves.
They will have to ride hard!
Through decoy paths that many do not know,
They will have to endure the loneliness of deserted roads and the harsh elements as they seek WHO we need the most –
The all-knowing King Himself,
Whose throne is above all.