City of Refuge


20 years less a month back, precisely February 2000, I escaped to the city of JOS, Nigeria from the onslaught that was going on in Kaduna then. It was a religious crisis, I was a victim, needing help and this was the only place one could enter and be safe as a Christian during the few days it lasted. I ate from a road-side shack, amidst filth and smoke from the firewood; beaten by weather, I fell terribly ill.

Today, I am back in the same city again. This time, I came as a bearer of value, offering help by the Spirit of God. I arrived to a table of food like a feast, I couldn’t even eat much . . . I was overwhelmed!

Indeed time changes so many things. If you survived whatever evil was after you ‘yesterday’, you are meant to return victoriously in the future to give what you once needed to others.

So, you are not allowed to give up until you return triumphantly with answers to other people’s prayers, doing so with such humility that comes from knowing that it can only be the LORD at work, painting a pattern of grace and glory.

You are not allowed to give up my friend. Focus on the future, not the failures. . . The LORD has prepared a hope for you that cannot disappoint.

The LORD is your everlasting REWARD.


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  1. Esther Aderoju says:

    Hmmmmm… Thank God for this…

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