A Credible Word

A few days ago, my brother and friend Bashiru Oyahkilome Adamu posted an endorsement on his page about me and many other and I was screaming to myself saying: “This man wants to put me in trouble” (good trouble, of course)…

Next I know, I started getting all sorts of friendship request from people I would never have met without his referral. I use to think people don’t love listening to truth that much – I was wrong, very wrong!

But the reason for these words is something totally different. Sometimes ago, near the city of Samaria, a woman by the well of water took the word about an unknown fellow with some twelve disciples to a whole city and the entire city came out in droves to ‘discover’ the man. Her words about him was potent enough to arouse the interest of a whole city, just like Bashiru’s words. You would think she must be someone really popular and valued in the city…but that wasn’t the case. If it were, such woman would not be fetching water at the well by herself? That is a conversation for another day…

Your words are as powerful as the value you have among your people. Surely, a word from you can open a heart, a door, a room, a city, a nation etc. Until you become that man or woman, boy or girl, you cannot afford to rest yet. More than your wares, your words are to be more valued…This, indeed, is the definition of integrity.

Why? You may ask.
Integrity comes from the authenticity of words, in that they are your true testimony, not a tale that you conveniently bear. It is your own true story that is capable of influencing people to follow your lead; not necessarily your person and definitely not your tales.

Be real. be authentic.
When you make recommendations, people will respond to you, even if your recommendations are unknown and untested.