Of Jews and Gentiles


Have you ever wondered why, even in the New Testament, after the sacrifice of Christ, the difference between the Jews and the Gentiles were not scrapped? I kept pondering on this and I decided to study the Scriptures for clarifications.

For the Jews, their relationship with God was hewn out from a covenant that has already manifested in every sphere of their lives. Doing what the LORD commanded already has become a culture, their totality is defined by the Torah.

As for the Gentiles, even though we have been brought in by the New Covenant into God’s family, our socio-cultural definitions are not necessarily by the Word of God. For us, it is still a dangerous mix of our way and God’s way. While some are making the transition, some are just blending it all together…and God hate mixtures.

Therefore, the term “If any man be in Christ, he(she) is a new creature” is a clear definition of one who has transited from all that he/she was into the ways of God as described in His word.

There are not many people out there who has indeed made that total transition. If you come across one, that is the one that is a new creature. Most people revert back to who they used to be when under intense pressure. Until a man or woman has redefined and reprogrammed all that he/she is, that new creature is still somehow in coma.

If someone’s cultural or social inclination is not in tune with yours, that person’s profession of being in Christ is not likely to change it. If you are not in favour of that inclination, be measured in your relationship with such.

It is possible to be born again and not be in Christ yet. Selah!