Recently, I was in a court room again; and this time, my observations pricked my heart.

See, if you are the one petitioning God, the righteous Judge, for a thing or on a matter, you will have stand the longest before him in prayers. There is no other way around this. Just as in this particular courtroom the petitioner stood for much longer than the defendant in the dock to petition the judge, be ready to spend time telling things to God if you need Him to judge your matter in your favour.

If you are answering to a matter brought against you before God, you really don’t need to say much, just be brief, clear the ambiguous, make your case and praise God more for allowing you to appear before Him.

In the end, the righteousness and the justice of God rules in all matters. He orders all things this way.


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  1. Esther Aderoju says:

    Yes sir, Yes he does He orders all things that way….


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