The Sharp Edge of Faithfulness


The faithfulness of God answers for all men in their time of dire needs, His righteousness and justice are always the objectives when all matters are before Him.

One thing is significant about this: the faithfulness of God ensures that everyone is dealt a hand that befits his or her response to God and to life. The righteous will receive reward for his righteousness in multiple measures and the wicked will be served from his or her own plate, in multiple measures also.

I tell you this, God ensures that each one gets what they have sown. It is fruitless to pray for a failed harvest after sowing wickedness…it is meaningless to expect goodness after gifting wickedness to people. If you have sown goodness, a bounty harvest is surely coming your way!

I know you may be wondering where the mercies of God comes in? It will interest you to know that the mercies of God includes deliverance to the just and destruction to the unjust. They are both manifestations of the mercies of God.

What then is the point of this?
I have come to understand that it is repentance (turning away, not just confessions) that changes the end result for all men, saints and sinners alike. A ‘sinful’ man who sows good will reap it and a righteous man who sows evil will reap it. This is the faithfulness of God at work. As difficult as that is to imagine, wickedness can come from a righteous one when given to it, as goodness can come from a wicked one when given to it; albeit with much surprise and suspicion respectively.

Remember, being sinful or righteous is a spiritual stature, resolving all things at the core resolves what is done from the core by default. So, choosing God and becoming righteous in Him is the best choice anyone can make with life. This is how you program goodness to follow you all the days of your life…

Peace to the righteous.