Sweet Fellowship with Bash

Yesterday afternoon, in the city of JOS, Nigeria, I had a beautiful fellowship time with Bashiru Adamu of Dream Again Foundation and the following was what he had to say:

“We have disturbed motivational speakers for too long, actually “some of them” have done a very good job in getting us on our feet, to taking some risk that has changed our story, Zig-Ziglar did a terrible good job on me about 18yrs ago.

Some of our major problems are those who quote and teach Scriptures out of context. This is the reason why I said I can’t teach many things. Whatever you teach and quote out of context will loose it original meaning. This means we are passing across wrong information whenever we quote or teach out of context.

When I look at 1 Corinthians 13, I’m so sure I have more than enough work to do on myself as I continue to grow.

This man with me, his understanding of truth and love is simply mad, mad because the same us who sing “I don’t deserve it” in reckless or endless love songs want people to deserve and qualify for our love. We, who teach about Joseph story, dodge or shy away from what a seventeen years old will be thinking in his mind for seeing his brothers trading him for cash, for doing nothing but to dream and yet Joseph had the courage and humility to say “You meant it for evil but God meant it for good.” Was Joseph acting for himself or for the benefit of his brothers? We can’t select what suit us from Scriptures. We must get better understanding of it to be able to reach out in genuine love.

Anytime we sing reckless love with focus on the Father, let us act in reckless love to those who don’t deserve our love, how about that? We ought to give with the same measure we received….

This post was written for me. If it ministers to you, don’t drop an offering (lols).”

Indeed, love gives and gives, not expecting a reciprocation from the receiver. If it is given to the deserving alone, how then is it true?

Bashiru operates an Academy that reforms prison inmates who are spending time in correctional facilities across Nigeria. Please lend a hand of support to the remarkable work they are doing.