Genuine Love

Recently, I was asked why I can hardly make five sentences without reference to God and someone I genuinely loved. To the person asking me, it must means that despite all the seeming disappointments I got because I loved these two persons, it seems I have not gotten over them.

This is my response:
With respect to God, I have discovered that no bad thing happen to those who love the LORD and are called according to His purpose. Yeah, you read right! This is because all that happens to you while loving God and following the purpose He has called you to is for your good. It may be painful, agonizing, depressing, troubling, disappointing and sad altogether…still, they are all working for your good.

So, I don’t give up on God. I can never get over Him. So should you too. He is the only dependable One there is…

With respect to the other person, until I have a replacement for that role in my life, I can never get over the person. Even after that happens, I still will not stop loving the person. Why? If I truly belong to the LORD and I am in the center of His will, I cannot love someone and stop loving the person. How do people even do that?!

Yes, there may be reasons for people to fall out of affection and relationship, just like it happens between God and humans, but love never fails; it remains…

Perhaps those who get over God and other people never genuinely loved God or the people or they have replaced God with another god or the people they love with other people as fast as they can. If there is no replacement, love remains.

My poser to you is this:
Do you really love? Or is it just likeness and affections?
Do you genuinely love? Or is it out of convenience?

If these two are in order. You can never be the same again if you lose someone you love.

Peace to you