Tales of Two Ways

There are two ways that lead to a spot I frequently go to from my house.

One is tarred and clean but it is a very long way. I only use it when the day is drawing to a close and I want to take an evening walk. When time is of essence, it is not my best choice.

The other one is untarred; it is dusty and not very comfortable to use; but it is a short distance to my destination. I choose this way often; mostly during the day when I have a lot to do and time is of essence.

Like these two ways, getting to any set-destination in life is pretty much like these.

When the days are drawing to a close and your strength is evidently failing,
‘Slow and steady’ becomes pretty much the only option you will be left with.
Appearance at the destination is very vital in your considerations,
How you show up at the destination is more important than showing up itself.
Until when life is winding down, pleasure and convenience should not be dictating your choices in life.

But, when the day is just breaking,
And so much is waiting for your attention; much that will not grant you the luxury of time,
It is not time to seek pleasure and convenience,
It is time to show up ON TIME!
You should ignore how you are perceived and focus on the goals you have set for yourself.
You may keep a ‘duster’ in place to freshen up for your ‘stage’ when you arrive on it. Whatever the peculiarities of your journey may be, it is better to show up and be in need of a new ‘cloak’ than to arrive too late for your manifestation.

Don’t shy away from the dusty and short way if you must achieve much in a very short timeframe
Time is of the essence, you will not have your youthfulness without fail.
So, arise now, don’t mind the dirt and dust; make it to your destination as quickly as possible.
Stride on and show up on time,
Everyone is waiting for your shinning.