God Speaks in Diverse Ways, Mostly in Those You Do Not Like


If there is anything I have heard people say more often than any other, it is that they wish to know the mind of God concerning many things. Many people have become preys in search for what God is saying, many others have become merchants of falsehood and sensual words, spoken as God’s heart.

First of all, God still speaks and He speaks clearly. The ‘signal’ of His frequency is very strong, each one is only able to access it to the degree of his or her connectedness.


The place of people in the whole process of communicating God’s heart to mankind cannot be over-emphasized. The kind of people you surround yourself with will determine how much of God is available to you. One thing is sure though, if you do not like TRUTH that much, you may be surrounded by people of God and you are not able to hear from God in them. Zero tolerance for falsehood and wickedness of those who are ready conduit for God will upset you if you are given to sweet words alone. From such men and women, rebuke and reassurance will come to you like the two edges of a sword.

From other people, whose relationship with God is strained, the goings in their lives will speak vividly and loudly to you if you pay attention. Indeed, toiling, labouring and gathering is given to a man or woman that God is not pleased with…only to be given over to a man that God is please with. You will hear loudly in them how not to live or love.


There are places that makes being tuned to God’s frequency very easy. Some are largely so because of the scale of intercessions that had taken place or is taking place there. Such places are somewhat like a gate to heaven’s court room.

Still in such places, some may still hear or see nothing. This is because the connection to God in such places is not really physical…it is a spiritual place, connected to any upright heart.

Nature in its true beauty can relax you so deeply that your heart is able to connect to God effortlessly. However, even in the midst of the huddle and bustle of a marketplace, you can be communing with God unhindered if you take authority over your domain.

It is indeed wise to put your physical and spiritual space in order for the LORD OF HOST to commune with you there.


Recently, I was publicly embarrassed by someone I have so much respect for. I was deeply hurt by what happened. Ordinarily, such things don’t readily happen to me, my guards are never down…but in the middle of it, I heard God clearly. What happened reached my core to the point of vulnerability before my God and Maker and it provoked me to hear from Him what mattered the most.

See, every failure, shame, pain, problem and adversity that you are facing is a stimulus that can open you up to hearing God clearly concerning matters that require urgent attention in your life. Please do not become offended or bitter by them, turn then to God and you will understand why God had to permit them.

You will hear God clearer in your pain than in your pleasures. . .believe me, you will!


God is the Master of processes. He brews His glory by them; it is why it goes from glory to glory. However, processes can be very painful and excruciating to those estranged to it. Process will show you your limitations, it will give you a definition of yourself and things that are unique to you.

Actually, there are do many things that God prefers to say through ‘process’…He will not speak words to you when He wants you to go through something. He knows you will be better for it.

Come to think of it, have you ever seen a teacher teaching the student what to write in the exams hall? That would be so wrong and criminal too! When your examination comes from the LORD, He will be silent and you will have to write it. So, listen well and internalise all that He is teaching you now. Surely. your examination is coming! After all, there will be no promotion without passing your life ‘exams.’

Summarily, God is still speaking clearly, we just need to learn to hear Him from whatever source it is coming from. To do this, we have to over one self, conquer unbelief and triumph over offence. HE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU WITHOUT COMFORT