Change of Plans

I started off my day with a plan to travel to Ibadan. On getting to the place, where I was to join a commercial vehicle, a certain young man walked up to me. He spoke so politely I could hardly believe he is the driver to one of the vehicle.

When I eventually saw the vehicle he drives, I was not sure I wanted to travel in the vehicle with him. I didn’t plan to travel in a bus, I was going to use a smaller vehicle with fewer passengers instead. But this Driver was persistent, he even told me God must have positioned him here for my travel (I laughed, but I believed him)

So, I sat in my seat and was preparing for the travel. He eventually got in the driver’s seat and the vehicle will not start . After series of jumpstarts the vehicle’s engine started and to my amazement, the vehicle sounded like it cannot travel 5km.

I felt so disappointed! I should have stuck to my initial plan! I considered asking him to stop at the the next interchange so I can find another vehicle, but the amiable personality of the Driver overuled all that I had the power and right to do.

I am sharing this story because two things have become very clear as illustrated to me by this event:

1. If you have spent quality time making plans to accomplish a thing, except the LORD is changing your plans, you will be foolish not to stick to your original plan. Unless you are so sure, in the depth of your spirit, that the change in plan is divine, stick with it. (I am in a smoky, bumpy and unhealthy car ride this morning 😊, I should have stuck with my plan)

2. Who (not What) you are indeed matters in every sphere of life! It is a matter of identity. I stayed with the Driver, regardless of the challenges with his tool of trade – the bus – because of his persona. He is such a sweet spirited-man, he is just not in command of a better vehicle yet.. If I were a millionaire today, I will buy him a new bus. He is indeed a man in process, something better will soon locate him.

The state of ‘tools of trade’ is not the reason for poverty, it is the character of the person wielding them. A distasteful person may have state-of-the-art tools/equipment, he or she will still not prosper; yet an amiable fellow, willing to serve, excellent in words and deeds will prosper, even in prison (like Joseph)

Today, take a moment and review who you are to God, to yourself, to your family and to others; all the answers you need may be hidden in it.

Peace to you.


  1. Esther Aderoju says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing Epitome of reality and occurrences

    Safe journey to you sir

    #Persuasion #Changes #Lessons #Goodness

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  2. Great post 🙂

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  3. AWED says:

    Thank you.


  4. AWED says:

    Thank you Ma’am. Amen.


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