An Invitation


It is required of anyone that is called of God to heed the call immediately. A friend told me last night that not obeying God promptly is itself a disobedience. However, the dilemma of the called is that though the response must be immediate, the reason for the call may take a while to come into.

“Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt.”
– Exodus 3:10 KJV

Like Moses in the Scripture above, the time to come is ‘NOW’ but the time he would be sent is unknown to him. That gap between responding to the call of God and being sent by God seemingly becomes a time when the called looks like he or she is a fool; like he or she has lost his or her mind.

People will ask, “Are you doing part-time ministry?” If he or she says ‘Yes’, they will nod their head, thinking “At least, he or she would still be doing something.” If the answer is “NO, it is full -time,” the next question would be, “When are you starting the Church?” He responds and says, “I am not starting a Church”, their next response is silence, a very loud silence!

1. May I reiterate that it is first of all a calling, not a sending! It is an invitation to be in and with God, after which He MIGHT send the fellow. If He chose not to send the fellow, He is still God! That fellow will be in the center of God’s will, just staying with Him. There is a major difference in ‘being called’ and ‘being sent!’

2. If you have been called, it does not mean you have to open a church. Even if you have been sent, a church establishment is not necessarily the platform to deliver on what God has sent you to do. By extension, organizing events is not necessarily the pathway to deliver on your calling. Many times, the ministry is playing out before us each day, but we seem to be seeking something grand, something more presentable and public, so that we can answer the question of “What are you doing now?” with a smile of personal approval. An organisation is not necessarily the ministry or what you are sent to do.

3. Finally, until you have been with God enough to know Him and to become who He wants to be in you, your manifestation will likely bring disgrace to the kingdom of God. You are likely to make mistakes that are grand in scale; you may even start working against the God who called you out of sincere intents. Staying with God is the key to Walking and Working with God.

Therefore, review your journey so far with God. Check to be sure your frustrations are not out of disobedience or expectations of things that God did not purpose or promise to do.

He is God! He is our Father!
He deserves to be obeyed…totally.
You will be wise not to be moved by what people expect from you. Live to meet the expectations of the One who called you.. who may or may not send you, now or in the future.

Peace to you.