Re-Branded Assault


The devil is no longer on a rampage that is characterized by what we are used to. He no longer operates with hate and obvious ‘negatives’. . . He is the king of subtlety and he is always rebranding.

All the negatives that we have come to associate with the devil are generally seen as negatives by almost everyone. Satanist don’t fancy hatred, even the most wicked persons you will come across are likely very generous people.
What we have come to see as virtues are no longer absent among foundational evil people; they are probably better at these things than most righteous folks.

The rebranded assault of the enemy is FEAR! You read right! It is fear!

What the devil has done is that at every stage of life, he rebrands this same fear into all the fall outs we are seeing. That problem you are experiencing right now is rooted in fear; the troubles you are struggling to overcome are merely fallouts of fears on many layers and in different forms.

Take a look at most of the challenges with couples in marriages, it is usually a cycle of fear feeding another one. The man is afraid of being controlled by the wife, so he chooses to not be vulnerable; ordinarily, he would be all-trusting. The wife sees that, she is afraid of a future with the man she loves. So she starts to keep something aside, she starts to look for independence from her covenant with him, just in case he turns out to be a different person altogether. Vice versa, these actions and counter-actions are the root of all evil from the doer of all evil – the devil.

In business, we starts conversations with walls up…! Legal processes precedes exchange of hearts and minds…We fear more than we actually have faith. In the end ideas dies natural death, hopes are lost and futures are truncated because we just cannot have faith in each other.

The walls we build to surround our territories are inspired by fear. The sad part is that we have rationalised these to be the way to go…to ignore these fears and not treat them as valid concerns is to be naive and gullible. We miss out on matches made-in-heaven because we are afraid of the unknown.

But there is a place of love, where nothing else matters but the well-being of each others. A place where we give more than we desire to receive; afterall, it is in the giving of our lives that we command value.

My friend, if the devil succeeds in winning you in this area, there is trouble! No matter how much calm is around you, deep sorrow is brewing at the very core of it. You must never allow fear to overcome you; conquer your fear with love!!! Let the love of God rule your actions and your responses to all people – wicked or righteous alike.

When the love of God is ruling your core, you are victorious already! You will operate in effortless faith; your desire would be to see truth established, even when men take undue advantage of the love in your heart.

Let the love of God rule your heart and you would have shut down the ministry of the devil and his demons around you.

Peace to you.

Have a fruitful week ahead.