Of Salvation and Deliverance



To a fellow, who has been troubled for long, it will not matter what salvation or deliverance actually mean, he or she wants any or both. A needed respite will be welcomed no matter how it is packaged. Infact, for many people, they mean one and thesame; “There is no point defining them, just give me a break…” they would say.

But, quite frankly, what one would do the other cannot and vice versa. In plain words one focuses on internal adversary and the other from external ones.

To be free from one’s self is SALVATION. Here, the enemy is not external…it is you! “How?” You may ask. When what is warring against you is ‘YOU, ‘you do not need deliverance, you need salvation! Salvation from sin and self, from fears and frailties, from lust and being lost, from flesh and it’s fetishes.

When God decided to save man from these, He didn’t come in His might and power as the LORD of Host. He came as a lamb. Sacrifice was the method to deliver salvation. How else would anyone be saved from himself or herself? It is not a battle that can be won with a show of strength and might. He simply sent Jesus and the world is saved.

In like manner, if your work is to bring salvation to people, the only way is the way of Sacrifice. Be ready to lay down all that you are and figuratively ‘die.’ There is no other way. convictions, connections and culture only change through Sacrifice. (I know one man who personalized these three 😊)

On the other hand, to be free from external aggression, attacks of the enemy without and the afflictions of the devil, what is needed here is DELIVERANCE. Here, the enemy is greater and stronger than you! By all measure, the enemy musters more strength, strategy, structure and ‘sabre’ than you do.

In this case, God’s response is not sacrifice but Chivalry! He comes as the LORD of Host. He tends the heavens and the earth pulsates at the sound of His voice. He comes mighty, mighty in battle! The enemy cannot stand against Him, not you and your enemies would tremble when He shows up!

In like manner, if your work is to bring Deliverance to people, the only way to do this is Chivalry – a show of strength and might. If you don’t have it, you cannot bring deliverance. You will have to gain that stature first before questioning injustice done to others; to meddle in status quo can bankrupt you of goodwill. If your focus of engagement are people under the affliction of someone greater than them, you need strength, structure, strategy, and might.

All powers belong to the LORD. Seek Him, Be in Him, Be with Him and your supply of power will not be short. Salvation belongs to the LORD too, a TRUE relationship with Him is how it is secured. Only He can edit who He created aright. Both are present at the CROSS

Finally, it is possible to be delivered and not be saved. Yes, you read right! An unsaved person that is delivered is still not free yet. He will soon be needing deliverance again. The key to perpetual freedom (no longer needing deliverance) is Salvation. Who dares to hold a son of the King captive?! He that the son of God has set free is free indeed (even in your mind)



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