Cultivating Value


There is the matter with cultivating premium value out of persons and things; it is a responsibility that God has given to mankind. Indeed, nothing is past repair or remodelling except those that requires a spiritual stature that is inaccessible to man. Even matters that are terribly devaststated can become the foundation upon which eternal values are built. Jesus died! That is the worst that could happen to anyone; yet that became the foundation for the access into life and light…(think about it).

Still, every Repairer must take into account three things:

1. How much time is available;
2. How much finance is accessible
3. How many people he or she has to work with.
To ignore these three is a recipe for deep disaster that comes from deep disappointments.

If there isn’t enough time to undertake a restoration, even restorative efforts would be seen as destructive. Why? Before there can be restoration, certain things would have to be broken before repair would begin.

If there isn’t enough money, the Repairer would look like a fool; one who started a thing he or she cannot finish. Although, any real restorative effort cannot quantify how much money would be required from the start, but one must be able to measure if he or she is able to undertake it.

If there isn’t enough buy-in into the restorative drive, all that would be done can be summed up as a waste. Everything new or renewed would be operated by people and not having them on board is knowing the end from the beginning – which is failure.

You cannot take on every broken thing or person to restore. God will have to give you such task and then give you what you require to fulfill it. Yes the power of the world to come is resident in you when you are in God’s Kingdom; still, you can only do what is within your portion.

It is foolish to choose to fix something that is not broken or to attempt to fix a person who don’t consider himself or herself broken.

Peace to you.