Still on Restorative Tasks… (Salvation and Deliverance)

Still on restorative tasks. . .

I mentioned the difference between salvation and deliverance two posts back….Indeed, when God has given you restorative tasks to undertake, you must understand which pathway will deliver what is required.

There are tasks that will require your ‘death’. You will lose everything you labored for…all that you are will be crushed under the weight of it. You become the sacrificial lamb that pays the price for the change you are called to bring.

Hear me, your qualifications will not deliver on this kind of tasks, so there will be no need for a Ph.D degree; Infact, you will have to put aside that Ph.D to deliver on this type. (Ask Pastor Adeboye of RCCG)

There are tasks that will need you to begin as a Professor, otherwise. you will not be sounding reverbingly. For some, you will need to become a billionaire first; otherwise, the people you are up against will outwit you. I know you know that it is not by power or by mighty, but by the Spirit of the LORD. But that dimension is the Spirit of the LORD breathing on what already is, to do the impossible. There was a timely reason for someone by name Cyrus to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. God had to call someone who would be a King to do so. Before he was born, he was called by name as the one to rebuild the temple. He will not lift a finger in placing a brick, but his stature as the Persian ruler was central to fulfilling that task – it is a deliverance for the Jews, power and chivalry is central to its fulfillment; and it had to come from someone whose power status is able to command it to be.

See, this kind of task cannot be accomplished by entreaties…you will need to be SAVED first (died to self and sin), then God will entrust you with the power and stature to bring DELIVERANCE.

In all these, both salvation is needed by everyone. The best version is salvation before deliverance, else the relationship with God can be skewed towards welfare instead of worship. It is possible to have deliverance before salvation; Israel in Egypt was a good example. Many of them perished in the desert because they haven’t been saved from themselves but we’re already delivered.

Whatever order is operational in your life, you will need both and you can have both.

Have a fruitful week ahead.