Love for Clarity, Fear of Consequences

I have not met anyone, who do not like to understand things better. As a matter of fact, most people are in search of clarity to life issues.

It is why we go for further education( when we are not looking for more pay 😊), it is why we ask questions when we have the opportunity to do so; it is also why we are in religious gatherings, hoping to understand this life better.

However, it is alarming how we seek to know and understand more, yet we are not prepared to use the knowledge and understanding to better our lives. In my interactions with most people, they are in love with knowledge. wisdom and understanding until these three threaten the status quo they are already used to.

When knowledge, wisdom and understanding are brought to bear on any matter, change is imminent! We don’t seem to like change that much, especially when present chaos favours us in a way.

People wants to understand how to do things better, but after understanding them, they are more inclined to still continue the way they were natured to address them. This speaks to the power of people’s nature over their nurture.

Now that knowledge increases exponentially, as prophesied in the Bible; wisdom is multiplying, heavenly and earthly types in abundance; and understanding streams from multiple perspectives on life, what are you doing with them? Are you changed for good by then or you only identifies them without putting them to use?

Every new knowledge wisdom and understanding come with a consequence. The fear of these consequences is why people somewhat refuses what is meant for their good; choosing the faulty ones instead. The fear of change…!

If you have these treasure and do not use them, you are much worse than those who perish for not having them. it is worse because you will suffer, you will understand why you are suffering, but you will not be able to do anything about it.

Fear will cripple you, it will weaken your resolve in life. Rise above your fears, do the things you know to be good. Stay with God while you do them.