Sacrifice of a Stranger

In life, we are surrounded by many people, but very few of those  we can safely and truly call friends. When the promises of supposed friends sometimes fail and the loyalties of people we are close to wane, a strand of blessings comes in a stranger, who comes demonstrating the kind of sacrifice that is uncommon.

In my life journey I have seen many of this kind of strangers, they warm the hearts when all hope is lost. It is in times like this that I revisit my contemplations on the exercise of my life in response to God and His people. Like these strangers, I have found myself in that cloak many times; when the well of goodness in me springs to people I don’t know at all…I become a stranger to others and my discoveries begin.

First, I found that though many people pray and seek the LORD for favor, when He shows up to favor them, they are not disposed to it if it comes from strangers – people they do not know. It seems miracles have become constrained to blessings within the scope of our relationship network. Still, God sends His angels, with whom we are not familiar.

Secondly, like I wrote recently here, fear is the devil’s rebranded assault to all men. The moment he succeeds in creating fears in our hearts, we are incapable of accessing favor and help from the realm of God. It seems we are too scared to be helped by God or anyone we don’t know. I have seen people refuse the provisions of heaven because we fear what will become of it thereafter; myself inclusive. Still, perfect love casts out all fears…if God is resident in our hearts and we have the blessings of His presence in His Holy Spirit, we need not fear when He has spoken peace.

Finally, the mercies of God are everlasting. He takes all the glory for anything that comes from Him. If the stranger bearing help comes with self glory as cloak, be careful; even when friends brings favor with self glory, be much more careful! If it is from the LORD, all will point to Him alone and you will have peace in your heart.

Strangers or siblings,
Foes or friends,
God can use even your enemies to accomplish a good purpose in you.
Be led by the Spirit of God.