A peep into the future of families, if left unattended


I worry that men and women of destiny being born in this age may struggle in finding suitable helpmates; that those who will seem suitable may be pretending until married; and that majority of those coming up will desecrate the institution of marriage completely

I worry that goals will be driven by selfish dreams and relationships would become reduced to rewards. The sad part is that parents (those starting new families) would see this move as a restorative one; they’d think it a credible response to social ills.

Men who seek God’s original design, able to guarantee true peace, will abandon highly seasoned, brilliant and prospective ladies and search for ladies of lower estates to build something greater than themselves together. Good women will not find good men!

Great ladies, sold out to God, will begin to marry just to raise children and to maintain societal honor; love and honor will no longer be present in their hearts. Good men will hardly find good women because ‘the fear of the unknown’ torments us all…

For the world out there, this trend WILL NOT be reversed. But for those in the House of the LORD GOD, if we care about the future, now is the time to revise what we have come to hold as truth; perhaps, we have mixed truth with lies, with damaging reactionary responses.

Now is the time to return to God…to repair broken breaches and restore paths to dwell in.