The world is full of people who believe they have rights to certain priviledges; even when they faulter and fail in corresponding responsibilities, those who would invoke every law and decree to defend their supposed right.

A Child,
A youngster with a strong belief that he or she is to be cared for, regardless of whose ox is gored.
Spoilt and spent in frivolity, he or she demands supposed rights with arrogance, forgetting that just as he or she was a seed, present day privileges are seeds as well.
No sower expects failed harvest, but when it happens it’s grief will not be forgotten…
Not just because the harvest is lost, but irrecoverable time is lost as well…

A Parent,
Focused on immediate gratification of self, sandwiched in parental pride, may refuse to reason peaceably,
Those who have sown no seed goes around with plates in hands demanding bread from posterity they didn’t invest in.
Easily, Biblical law of honor is invoked to cover failings,
Still, their eyes are set on self, even when there is little or nothing left to them…

A Servant,
Given to service by established order,
Willingly or otherwise, they expects more than their wages from their master.
Convenience is their wine;
They drink from its cup to the shortage of their masters’ goods;
Still, they expect a share in a harvest they did not contribute to…to many of them, there must be a reward for serving that is not just honor, but a flirting with value to lay claim on it as theirs.

A Master,
Priviledged by providence to rule;
Sometimes in amnesia of the sameness of our kind, though no longer equal by the passing of time;
Expecting more than necessary from subjects who foolishly may have traded away their freedom for feasts.
Undoubtedly, he or she may be overtaken by faults,
Streaming from lack of understanding of the purpose of the power that is wielded.

Everywhere you look,
Everyone feels they deserve more than they get…
Very few are actually in sacrificial service,
Most people are in search for a harvest of seeds they did not sow.

Let it be that this is not why we seek God,
To lay hold on estates that are not ours;
Let it be that we are more driven to give ourselves and all we have,
Than we are poised to take and take until there is nothing else left to take.