Morphing Mutants


A righteous person, who lives righteously in this fallen world, will lack peace on the outside; though on the inside, his or her peace will be unrivalled. It seems this world runs well on chaos and troubles…but, this is not so! The Most High God designed all things visible and invisible, seen and unseen; and fashioned all things in order. This order suits us all, regardless of where we are, until the contents of the hearts of men starts to produce after its kind.

Living a lie may have become the smart way to live by the assessment of people; still, only truth can set free. Freedom may have become elusive because we have come to love and embrace lies and falsehood as the way to live. We speak what we don’t mean; what we mean, we don’t say…and this is political correctness and tact! Still, nothing is established in lies.

Love may already be redefined to mean generosity; gullible ones may be mistaking gratitude for love; but soon enough, supposed love is proven by time and what comes out is nothing short of lust, so sad it’s tales are better not told.

Lights may have become darkness in broad daylight and all we are saying is ‘the demon we know is better than the angel we don’t know.’ Still, only lights reveal and brighten, darkness brings devastation and destruction in its wake.

Where do these philosophies come from? Since when is it helpful that evil is celebrated over good? Perhaps the liberality we showcase is coming from our exaltation of self above society; we are losing all to damnation and we are not alarmed. Indeed, we are no longer who we were designed to be. It seems we have crafted convenient definition for our new state to keep us feeling comfortable with our true situation. What we have is not how things are designed to be, righteous men and women are becoming endangered species by the day. Needless pain and sorrows permeates our realities, and those parading answers are chief of liars; sons of devil, the father of lies.

Know this, redemption is not in global policies and interventions; our redemption is in Christ alone. If you care about your soul, yield it to Christ before it is too late. Only Christ can reset anyone back to the original design. He is pleased to restore you also.

Reactionary responses will not solve the problems we have, returning to God is the only answer. Comforts from rulers are false hopes, Christ is the only Hope of Glory.

If you will like to invite Jesus into your heart, please reach out and I will be glad to pray with you.