The Fear of . . .


The fear of a thing would accomplish more than the thing itself. This is why those who wield power do so to instill fear of what they can do more than what they can actually do. Come to think of it, one entity (person, business, community, etc.) can only do so much.

In this list is death. The fear of death will accomplish more than death itself. Interrogators understands this well enough to brandish the possibility of death in their hands than the death itself. As a matter of fact, all that is done is to reinforce the fear of death, not to actually kill . . . the suspect is of no use to them dead.

The possibility of a terrible thing happening is the strategy that fear is built upon…just as faith is built on the possibility of a glorious thing happening. Both are built on the unseen and the unknown; there is no sitting on the fence, each person is ruled by either of these two.

Have you thought about how predictable and yet uncertain are all things and persons that are already visible and known? An inconvenient oxymoron, it seems manifestation of things and people already put a label of time on them; yet, it is true. They will cease to be soon enough. Certainties are actually in the realms of the unseen and the unknown – things and people we cannot see and that we don’t know yet…which we can access by faith or be estranged from by fear. The only relationship with what are most certain in life are defined by fear or faith.

So, what will you rather do?
Who will you rather be?
One driven by faith or incapacitated by fear?
I have said this time and again that the only weapon of the enemy against all that is great and glorious is fear…at every turn of its defeat, it reinvents itself into another form, but it remains the same fear.

Honestly, faith is our only hope in these times. Without faith, it is impossible to live or please God, impossible to live or please men and impossible to be who we are meant to be. If we must win in life, it has to be victory over fear…whatever form it takes.

So, plunge out in faith! Be nervous, be all you need to be while you are nervous (if you have to be) but do not entertain fear. It will cripple you and torment you without mercy. Try new things (righteous deeds); even when your heart is beating so fast, go ahead still. Be the impossible, move beyond self, through sacrifice, onto service…You will soon realise that nothing is impossible to those who believe.



  1. That’s probably the biggest challenge on the planet right now…but come to think of it, power crazy people have been using fear as a powerful to control the masses in the long history of humanity…

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  2. AWED says:

    True! So true! The world is shrinking under the weight of fear . . . It is crippling everything as we know it – economy, education, and socialization; challenging culture and idealogies…

    The powerful still use fear, just like it has been for as long as humanity has been. So, for the weak to become strong, they must rise above it with faith.

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