Streaked or Stained


Plain, pure and popular,
Remarkable, reserved and regal;
Yet, in danger of being soiled by stains,
Or streaked with strange yarns.

When soiled by stain,
It can be washed with soap and water,
Or be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb
Redemption is possible,
With a price that is already paid in full.

But when the fault is a streak in its fabric,
Best of soaps will be of no use,
Until a traumatic and messy edit is made to its total frame,
It is not likely to be changed for good.

Hope is hopeful when the problem is external,
Wrong nurture can be edited, but not without an effort.
When the issue is intrinsically of its nature,
Only trauma can change the situation.

When such trauma comes,
Even enemies will be full of empathy,
But it’s possible to go through great trauma,
And be destroyed instead of being restored.
The price for an edit in nature is lofty,
Only humbled people will submit to it without a fight.

Streaked or stained,
There is hope for everyone and anyone,
The difference is in the price to be paid.
Should you desire resolving this in anyone,
Be reminded that it will not come easy.
If you must permissively tolerate irregularities,
It is better a stain, not a streak.