After the Trauma

The contemplation of my heart today is broad,
With every passing breath, I try to skim it down to those that require priority,
Yet, I could not ignore the rape of a generation,
The loss of exemplary men and women, Models for those coming behind to look to.

Indeed, this world is fallen,
Even the strong and prepared are sweating blood with a degree of uncertainty;
The mighty ones are falling each day to ruins,
And there are not many values derived from the labours of men…

The experiences of those who had gone ahead has littered the landscape with magnificent towers,
Huge concrete and abstract edifices built in reaction to the trauma they went through.
Yet, there are no altars built!
Nothing in their experiences is submitted to God for the redemption of their posterity!

Surely, as it is with every kingdom, with glory spoken of in distant lands,
The fortresses are destined to fall irreversibly someday without restoration…
Though it seems we may have forgotten,
Or we remember but we just act contrarily,
The only Kingdom that remains forever is God’s;
Histories should teach us to apply our hearts to wisdom as we number our days.

Where are the lights that God can count on?
Where are true examples of righteousness for the future to follow?
Men, Women, Boys and Girls, who will live eternally through sacrifice;
Whose daily drive is to light the darkness and fight the decay?

The next generation will certainly wobble in their steps,
They may struggle to understand their ways as they plunge in uncertainties…
Still, they are destined for glory by grace,
May it please the LORD to raise credible guides, led by His Holy Spirit, for them.

I plead with you to build an ‘altar’ of submission to God after your trauma,
This present trauma has to end with God being pleased with you again.
Be careful not to build ‘cities’ and ‘towers’ in reaction to all that is, at the moment;
Such cities and their wall are destined to shamefully fall into ruin; it is only a matter of time.

Arise! Shine brightly! For the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. Amen.