What are we doing?


It has been about three Sundays since we haven’t been able to literally go to church on Sundays. So many people are almost totally disenfranchised from the whole idea of church gathering; though they are genuinely saved.

So, I have been meditating on the realities of the impact of COVID-19 on all we have come to hold as dear and true.

These are my thoughts:

1. I have been attending services online since the lockdown begun. Even I needed more internal push to actually commit my data and time to actually following through a digital church service as being done on our screens.

So, I asked, how many people are really able to join the livestreams? 
How many have devices and resources that could connect to the internet for the services we hold there?
Those who do, aren’t they more willing to stream Netflix for longer periods than follow through with the services? (I actually slept off listening to a sermon the other day. Believe me, I have not backslided!)

If the answers to these questions are in the negatives, something more than COVID-19 is wrong with the church establishment.

2. I noticed that instead of this abrupt change in culture, whose warning has been with us for a while, to recalibrate us to the very core and essence of the Christians fellowship, we seem to be using technology to reinforce our existent failed strategies.

Originally, the church experience is about true fellowship not theatrical ministrations. The command from Christ, our LORD, is to make disciples, not Church members. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to realise that this COVID-19 break is a call to return to the original design. We are still continuing our theatrical performances, focusing on ministrations instead of fellowship. We are using technology to to this…and it is not working!

Imagine with me what it would look like, if during this challenging times, fathers in every household become the Pastors; mothers and children becoming the ministers? Isn’t this the original design from creation? Is it possible the real failure we are struggling to admit is that we have not discipled people, we have only raised committed church member and workers?

Where are the fathers? Why are there head of families who can’t be effective head to their respective families in spiritual matters? If we fail to bring the reality of God to families, for the fear of our spiritual leader in church establishment becoming redundant…we are destroying the very core of the Christian church. We are only as strong as the number of true disciples we have raised. In the end, membership is only as valid as the benefits it confer; when benefits cease, memberships will cease with it.

If our religiosity, social standing, welfare packages and the miracles we provide is why we gather, we may have lost it altogether. Gathering is for fellowship and the smallest unit of it should be in families. If as families we still have to connect online for church services, we haven’t done something right.

3. Online engagement through Social Media is at best a social engagement. Spiritual engagements don’t happen online, they happen in real environments. Perhaps, our interactions on here should be about how spiritual experiences that happened daily with God and from fellowship with others can edit our social structure and fabric for good. The quality of our engagement here is only as good as the quality of our private and personal lives. We had better be discussing what is truly happening through the life of Christ in us here or we would be reduced to talkshops and even the redeemed will lose interest in our needless repititions of what is already known.

COVID-19 is a call to the review of what we are building on the foundation that was laid for us. We must build what will be eternal on it, not just our success in whatever we set our hearts to do.

Let those who have ears, hear…
Let those who have eyes, see…
Let those who have hearts, understand…
It is Day already!