What is in a Name?


A good name is better than silver and gold; though the most visible of them are cast in silver and gold. However, what interests me the most is not the the description but the name itself? What is in a name?

I happen to love epic movies so much – stories of kingdoms and reigns, of valor and weaknesses; of loyalty and betrayals; of honor and treachery; of wits and deceptions; of court intrigues and courtesies… something rolls in the right order within me when I watch them. I watched one recently, in which a defenseless woman, outside her realm of power, invoked the name of her father and the relationship of her father with people around to arrest a royalty who had wronged her. You need to see the speed with which swords were drawn and people who had no relationship with her stood up for her, at the invocation of her father’s name.

I started thinking, what could her father had done to wield such support, even in death; his name opened doors with no key within reach. I started to ask questions about the name I bear…and I wondered what is in my name. Indeed a name represents the summation of relationships and responses of the bearer; otherwise, it is just a label.

I have found out that consciously or otherwise, each one’s name is crafting a value to be revisited in the nearest future. To refuse to relate and respond to life acceptably will create a distasteful name; one that brings misfortunes whenever it is invoked.

So, what is the value of your name? What value is it to your ancestry and posterity? What will you be remembered for? We are entering into seasons where material wealth will gradually lose its value…and all that would be valued is the name each one wields.

For those who wields the name of the LORD, what value is it to you? What value will it be to your ancestry and posterity? First, wielding a name without relationship with the bearer is being an impostor. The penalty for this is disgrace and humiliation. Secondly, wielding a name that has no value would only worsen the situation. Finally, wielding a name when in disregard of what the name stands for is an invitation to peril.

If you wield the LORD’s name, be sure you have relationship with Him and that you respond to Him in obedience
If you wield any other name, you had better be well informed about the value of that name. You don’t want to close doors where you need them opened or vice versa.

May your name and mine be known for integrity, righteousness and justice. May they be beautiful memorials before God forever. Your name is who you become after all is said and done.