Antidote to Worry

Why do we worry? Is there a psychological explanation to anxiety so much so that generally, people seem unable to control it? Many are down with cardiac issues, blood pressure challenges and even panic attacks, especially with present realities that are manifesting. Why do you worry?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine earlier today and we noticed that people generally dish out kind and helpful counsel to others not to worry about things, to let things be…etc. A whole lot of creative content-creation enterprises are built around this, even comedy is a way to temporarily take away worries, as much as indulgence in alcohol tries to help reduce the pressure of life’s situations on people.

But why do we really worry?
Is it possible we do so because we are not in control of outcomes?
is it possible this is why those who seize control of situations do so; hoping to remove their worries by being in control?

Well, looking inward, I found out that until I got to my life’s wit’s end in the past and I realize I was no longer in control, my worries remained. When I had lost all there is to lose there was nothing more to worry about; when I was already on the ground, there wasn’t any more reason to fear a fall. Getting to our lowest in life has a lot to teach us about worrying.

It was in those moment that I learnt to trust God, who is able to do what I could not do for myself; especially when other people I had confidence in failed as well. Losing control comes with losing your worries too. Much worry comes when there is so much to lose.

In all this, I have found that RELATIONSHIP IS THE ANTIDOTE TO WORRY

When you have a relationship with anyone who is capable of meeting your need, you don’t worry – a father to a child, a responsible husband to the wife, a responsive leader to a community, and a functional government to its citizens – when these are in place, anxiety disappears because a viable and valid relationship is in place.
When you have one good relationship with God, who can meet the needs that no human can meet, your greater worries disappear! This is because knowing that He is for you and with you puts your heart at rest.

It is the absence or the abuse of this relationships that generates worry. Therefore, the worst attack to any person’s life is an attack on his or her relationships. The moment they are lost, life’s worry increases and it is impossible to wish them away. A thousand advice will not remove anxiety that is coming from lack or loss of good relationships with people and with God.

Believe me, those who seize control of situations by force are people who are in famine of good relationships…a politician, without one with his or her community, will need many security officials around. A newbie in business, without good relationships with distributors, customers, manufacturers, staff, etc will need many proxies and legal frameworks… unfortunately, words and gentleman agreements will not suffice. A parent, who has bad relationships with the children will need wealth and compulsory traditions to force them into the state that will eliminate his or her worries; still, that will only serve until the children are grown enough to rebel and make their own choices. Any man or woman, boy or girl without a good relationship with God will have to worry about many uncertainties – of the past, the present and the future. Those who have a good one with God are peaceful, even in the midst of storm.

So, what is your relationship life like?
Do you really have relationships that matter? Indeed, your balance in life depends on this. Do not let the devil attack your relationships with pride, bad attitude, negligence, ego, etc… Take back your relationships and make them good. Begin from your relationship with God; remove sin and nurture your walk with God with obedience. Follow suit with your rapport with other people and great will be your peace.