Pressure from Pleasure

I am reading from Judges 8 and 9 in the Bible this evening and I thought to share these few words with you:

In that Scripture, a man did so well in life, earned his place in the council of elders, received unanimous vote to lead a nation, though he started without any meaningful pedigree. He raised seventy (70) sons [with many daughters] and he lived really well.

However, in a moment of lust, he joined himself to a concubine; though he had many wives, with whom he could have sired another child. This bastard child went on to kill all of his posterity [69 out of 70 sons], save one who escaped. A moment of pleasure destroyed his posterity without repair and left chaos, deaths and losses in its wake. Sadly, while he lived, he had the privilege of giving birth to one, who would destroy him completely, gave him a name and nurtured him to stature. How sad!

I don’t know what may seems a harmless pleasure at the moment. Be careful not to birth and nurture your own destruction because of that moment within your grasp. I feel strongly in my spirit to share this with you…THAT MOMENTARY PLEASURE IS NOT WORTH THE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR LIFE’S TREASURE. Stay within your boundaries.

May we all have enough strength to stand in the face of daring temptations. Amen.

Peace to you.