The Beauty in Understanding


The matter with knowledge is a very dicey one. Knowledge puffs up and it doesn’t look good on people when puffed liked that. Still, a people perish for lack of knowledge. Knowledge must then be sought, yet it is guaranteed that it will lace its hosts with pride. Those who court it also court what will distance them from God and all things divine.

So how is KNOWLEDGE to be managed? You see, each time knowledge is served, it is more acceptable when served with contexts that are provided by those hearing it. This provision of context by the listeners, for the knowledge provided by the speaker, makes the engagement a richer experience; one that does not come off with the listener feeling alienated by the knowledge and thinking it is not applicable to him or her. This interaction creates what is called UNDERSTANDING.

See, knowledgeable people are generally proud. You cannot separate conceit from them. But when through genuine interactions with people, they allow others to provide context for what they know, to gain understanding; they become humbled by the process. For example, knowing that someone was a killer before he or she had a change of life will suddenly make the person having this knowledge act proudly. He or she becomes a silent judge, considering himself or herself a better person; may even starts to suspect this person of whom he or she now has a new knowledge. But when he or she presses further by allowing this ‘former killer’ to provide context and he or she finds out that he or she was a killer because of all the trauma he or she must have gone through from childhood…suddenly, the puffed up fellow becomes humbled. He or she starts to be grateful that what he or she took for granted in his or her own childhood was infact mercies and favor from God. He or she is likely to be more responsive with love, appreciation and and encouragement for the changed fellow. Understanding changes everything; those who lack it live like beast.

When next you have a unique knowledge to share, you may want to consider interacting with people genuinely with it instead of just dumping it on them. We stay humble when we realise we are not in any way better than others. We could have been like the other fellow being looked down upon, but for mercy and grace.

In all your gettings, get understanding.



  1. Bess says:

    Lovely reminder.

    Shame though that the average human lives with the presumption that he/she is better than the next person especially when at a presumed advantage without seeking to understand the other person or situation…


  2. AWED says:

    True. It is the beginning of strife.


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