The Fragrance of Hope


A lesson I have learnt in my entire life,
Over and over again,
The inherent power in a ray of hope;
Is more potent than a million promises when they fail.

A word in season,
A message of succor just before despair,
A song for life just when all is about to go dark
The chivalry of help just in time.

I have know the mountains and valleys,
I have seen the distant lands and meadows from the hills,
Still I have not seen a sight so beautiful,
Like the feet of a willing and ready help.

Don’t be a judge when you come,
Your judgment is not what is needed but justice;
It is preferable if you do not come with personal agenda,
They do not serve a righteous cause to one, who is already at the gates of peril,

When the merciful comes with grace.
And the generous serves with honor,
Hope comes like the sun in the morning,
Rising from its chambers with strength and glory.

Let that hope be pure,
Let that hope be refined,
Let that hope be clean,
Let that hope be you!