Faith: Retrospection, Introspection and Prospects


One of the most difficult ways to live is by faith. It sure sounds noble and glorious, but the reality of it reaches to the depths of any person – high and low.
It is more reasonable to BELIEVE that something that has happened before can happen again…but to hold on to something that has never been just because of words spoken in its favor is a huge one. But that is what FAITH is actually.

When next you think of that Scriptures that says without faith, it is impossible to please God, you are speaking to this almost impossible substance of things hoped for, an evidence of things not seen, [Hebrews 11:1] that only God can gift to anyone. You’ll have to be ‘crazy’ [in a good way] to operate by this faith!

Here is my contemplations today:
Do we have faith in RETROSPECT [something we look back to and conclude it must have been faith] or as a PROSPECT [a proposition we are to pursue, because of the goodness it promises in the future]?

I have been studying Scriptures and looking at life as well, it seems it is difficult to tell whether it’s faith or not until looked at in retrospect. Why? It seems that when something is yet to be, very few people are driven by true faith to act; people are more likely to be prompted to act in favour of what is yet to be by fear, more than by faith.

Is it possible that, most times, we have faith because we have exhausted all that we can be or do by ourselves?
Is it possible that we are unwilling to subscribe to the unseen, though it’s evidence is irrefutable, until we find out there is no other viable alternative left?
Is it possible that we are more comfortable with believing than with having faith…especially, when we desire a degree of control that the unseen cannot offer?

In the future, when we eventually introspect, in retrospect to our present prospects, can we boldly say that we walked by faith and not by sight?

Well, if the present stance is out of no alternative option, then our faith in God and His word may be questionable.
At best, we can claim that we actually believed Him instead and that would be okay…
However, if our story would, in future retrospection, be considered as faith,
Then we must journey now with God, in pursuit of a substance that cannot be seen yet, just because He said so.
We will go with the LORD not out of narrowing options,
We will stay with Him for Him; and that should satisfy.

Faith is not for the lean-hearted.
It will try the most upright of men.
In the end, their stories are told by others for faith,
While they just enjoyed their walk with the LORD.